1. Do you accept Paypal or Credit Card ?

Sorry we don’t,all our customers pay with western union or bank transfer.

2. Your price is cheap,are your products original?

We are wholesaler, our products are 100% original.

3. Where you send out the order?

 The order will be sent from USA.

4. Your website wrote “buy 10 get 2 free ” ?

Yes,we will send you 2-5 extra bottles if you pay with western union .

5. What should I do after I pay?

Please send us the payment receipt pic  after you pay.

6. How long will I receive my order after I pay?

It will take about 3-7 working days to arrive your address.We will send you a tracking number for sure.

7. Can I drink alcohol while taking Jadera diet pills?

Yes, you can drink alcohol. But remember, alcohol is a liquid toxin. So the capsules will work extra hard to get the alcohol out of your body. We recommend that you do not replace alcohol for your water intake. The next day you will need to double replenish your body with water since alcohol dehydrates the body.

8. Is a special diet required?

One of the best things about our products is they don't  require  any special foods or diets. They allow you to start with your current eating habits while still giving you satisfactory results. However, you will achieve best results when used with healthy eating habits and include some physical activity.

9.  How should I take these products?

Here are the general guidelines for taking our products:
1) Take the capsules 30 minutes before you eat breakfast
2) Drink half your weight in water (at least 8 glasses per day)
3) Reduce/eliminate alcohol and caffeine consumption
Note: Our products are not magic pills, but they will work like magic if used properly.

10. I have a health condition. Can I take these supplements with my medications?

Although our products have been used successfully by many with various health conditions, you'll need to speak with your doctor to get his/her approval. [Be sure to ask how long you should wait before/after taking your medications.] It is important to remain under your physician's care, some herbs are known to interact with prescription medications and may affect the effectiveness. Your physician may want you to complete any current prescription medications before starting our supplements.


11. How long will I need to take the supplements?

You may take the supplements for as long as you like and/or until you have reached your desired goal. However, we encourage you to incorporate healthy habits to maintain your results and avoid rebounds.You may stop taking the supplements at any time, for any reason.

12. Who will not be suitable for taking these supplements?

These supplements are not suitable for the following without doctor supervision: pregnant or breast-feeding women, adolescents, elderly, people with serious health conditions and/or allergies to any of the ingredients.


13. How soon will I see results?

       If taken properly, you will begin noticing results after the first week. Be sure to take body pictures,         

       measurements,  and keep a personal journal to track your progress.


      14. Will I regain the weight I lose?
      These are NOT magic pills. If you adopt healthy eating habits there will be no rebounds or weight